Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pea Soup

A soup for this rainy day seems like a great idea, so why not making one?
I went to the fridge and picked up some frozen peas, zucchini, butter and from the drawer I grabbed onion, garlic and an olive oil.

Took a pot started to heat the butter while adding the oil and soon the onion has joined the pot I let it steam a bit and then added the garlic, zucchini and peas mixed it all and cooked for about 10 min.
Added 1 tbs. flower, salt and pepper mixed shortly. Soon after I poured about 1 L. hot water and cooked for about 30 min.

Let it cool down and blended for a smooth soup and here are the result: 
You can add some yogurt to go with that.


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