Monday, 22 July 2019

What to Wear For Your First Day of Work

How stressful is your first day at the office.  You don't know what to expect,  you're not familiar yet with the company, you don't know the office dynamics and colleagues.

For me it helps to read about the company,  to investigate as much as I can and also to dress in a way that will make me feel nice and comfortable in a manner that will also be appropriate with the company.

So here is what I wore for my first day,  I also think that this outfit option fits for a job interview.

So basically I suggest wearing navy blue with white,  classic low heels shoes.  Trousers are most important for me, as I suggest will fit you nicely,  not being too tight or too loose.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Blue OOTD in the City

Hello my dear readers, for today post I chose to share with you my blue Desigual outfit and Mjus sandals.
I like wearing blue and also one colour which makes the illusion of length,  though I'm pretty tall 😊

Also I've notice lately that I do tend to wear blue a lot,  few years ago I was wearing lots of reds and the bottom line is that I'm kind of colour obsessed 😂

Top is my favourite purchase this year,  skirt is from my home visit I  Serbia 2 years ago.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Red Desigual Coat

Hello there, unfortunately I've been away for a long time since my last post and because of it,
I wonder if I should open a new blog or try to revive this one, which is very precious to me.

So as you can see, I've chose to stay for now and even dared to post my last winter outfit from 2019 (at least) with my beloved Desigual coat, Sneaky Steve Oxford shoes, Mango top and trousers.

Personally I really love these kind of look, with high rise pants and Oxford shoes.

Will appreciate if I could have your support in reviving my blog and also will love to get your comments and feedback if I should open a new blog.

Thank you :)