Monday, 10 February 2014

New in: Pupa's Makeup Set and Adictive Teen Series

Hello guys I'm so sorry for being such a bad blogger, believe me I've tried to post much more often, like in the past all good times.
I admit I'm having problems in sitting down couple times a week and posting, not that I don't have subjects to post about, just don't have the energy.
I just got back to work and for me being a new mom is time consuming:) LOL just wishing to have much more time to sleep, she keeps me awake for so many times a night:) my hubby and I were laughing on how worried we've got when she had her first 12 hours full night sleep, but that happened only once:)
So I admit that on 2014 I've become a bit lazy:)
Here is a great example on how I'm feeling lately:)

So for my post today I wanted to share with you a great makeup set by Pupa.
Lately I've wanted to try different shades for my eyes, instead of blue and purple hues, something like brown and more natural effect.
I really love this set, as it goes with a big mirror, great for travels and looks really nice. Just wishing it had less lip glosses and maybe came with a blush, or powder.

And now as for my addiction: I'm absolutely in love with one of the top teen series, yep you read it right:)
Pretty Little Liars, can't help it , just got hooked for this fab show. Love the plot, very crazy one and LOVE the wardrobe!!! mostly Aria's wardrobe, a bit Gothic and tons of chic.

Though I wonder, who dress like these girls to school anyway, I was in to my baggy jeans and tees, not very fashionable:)
Maybe Emily is the only character they do dress like a teen, the rest, are wearing stilettos, very high ones to school.
Finally I'm waiting for tomorrows episode, getting so close to figure out who's A!

Do you have that kind of a series? Do you like to watch PLL?

Have a fab, trendy and happy week!!!


  1. Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the biggest jobs we have, although very rewarding, very tired and all we could do before, now confined to the baby. congratulations on the baby and move forward with your blog. It's great!

  2. That commercial is great! Haha.
    I love the shades of make up. c:


  3. Really great inspiration!! Tell me if you would like to follow each other?! Would love to hear from you! Lots of Love Kyra♡

  4. I can understand your priority is the kid now, so please don't worry about blogging and post when you have time and inspiration. I will visit ;)
    I love Pupa and am extremely bugged that they don't sell it in Finland, also not in Japan ;0
    Haha, I watch several childish series :D :D
    Lara Lizard

    1. Thank you dear:) Oh that's a bummer and pretty strange. I believe it could be a success.
      Love childish series:)

  5. such a nice makeup palette!!



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