Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Time to Tide Up my Closet and Style

Hello guys, this time I really want to share with you my love of organizing, well more about reading on it (LOL).

Somehow I am in the middle: between being tidy and messy, I do try to put everything in place, not to hoard and absolutely not over shopping.

In the last 2 years my shopping habits are much better, cause I hardly shop for any clothes and cosmetics. I don't really use that much of makeup, so it seemed to me that I can live with only 1 to 2 foundations and not to by every single lipstick that is out there, anyway at the end I don't even remember where I put them.

So today I found this video from Marie Kondo, a super star for getting your home tidy!

I am inspired by her and going to try her advices on my closet and book shelves.

To be honest I am not going to do it in a day, though that's her main point, only cause I know that once I'll pull everything out of my closet, most of the chances I'll get overwhelmed by it.

So I am going to try another method, which is to organize by sections, getting out everything out, but only from 1 to 2 drawers at once, so it would be easier to the messy part of me.

Here are some articles on how to get rid of clothes and how to clean your closet from being way to stuffy and messy:

Tips I liked the most are:

  • Getting everything out of the closet, but only section by section: from 1 to 2 drawers at a time and fold neatly , placing it back by colours (reds, greens etc...)
  • Sorting out by items: pants, skirts, T-shirts...

Here are some tidy closets for inspiration:

Moreover, I'll going to challenge myself and purge at list 50 items and no socks doesn't count :)

Can't wait to start the Minimize Closet Challenge!

How about you???
Would you like to try it out?

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