Monday, 28 April 2014

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014

Hello guys, this time I have chose to post about Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014.
I believe it's one of the most important things not to forget this vicious period.

I also know that the survivors won't stay here for ever, but the memory will. I am so afraid that this day will be forgotten in the future. As a grandchild of survivors I want to remember, because once we had a very big family and I hate to think they were lost, because time has past and pictures were lost. they were killed just because... no other reason! Nazi's destroyed the world, they killed people masively like it was a game for them and I will stop here.

It is so important to hear about the war, in order to remember and honor the victims, not only in your family, but also others.

It is important to appreciate the power of the survivors and the ones who even succeeded to fight back and most of all to know that the Nazi's didn't won and haven't succeeded to destroy our heresy! 

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