Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Pupa Obsession - Puposka

First of all I would like to apologize for being away for that long, and I must say that I missed you guys and for blogging. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl I had my mind on her. It is so strange that I am a mom:) 
For this week I am a little bummed, cause of my bad back, so I've been pretty useless and painful, thanks god it is much better for now, doesn't mean I can start running on heels nor walking on it:)

Chanel no. 5 - One of my favorites perfumes
Hair clips- Accessorize

Anyway today I've been on a pharmacy trip:) and purchased a super cute make up kit by Pupa which is in a shape of a Babushka , they named it Puposka, it suppose to be a collector's item as well, and it should be, though I'm going to use it. 
When I saw it I just grabbed it and a little lipstick as well, so I could return home with some make up and not only medicines:)

I recommend you on these 2 items, the kit is fantastic as a gift, and for your make up bag. The colours are suppose to be for teenagers, but I love these anyway:)
The colors sits great on your skin and they not too strong. For how long it sits, before smearing, can't tell cause I only tried it at home to see how it looks.
"Miss Pupa" lipstick is awesome, it adds a nice color touch and it is very smooth, though it doesn't look like it is going to stay for too long. Kind of remind me a gloss.


  1. Congratulations dear, I'm so happy for you! Love Pupa make-up!

    wildflower girl
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  2. So nice!

  3. That lip color looks gorgeous. I'm following you now on GFC. Please follow back. Would you like to follow each other on other platforms?

    Louisa Moje

  4. Nice blog. Amazing photos. Keep up a good work.

    Let's follow watch other. Visit my site :

    With love Vilma

  5. I love Pupa, I have long been wanting a Puposka but I have to get it online, Pupa is no longer sold in my country :P. Pupa is cruelty free as well :)


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