Saturday, 14 January 2012

What to wear with a printed skirt?

While I was out for a sale hunt I found a beautiful printed skirt at H&M and then I wonder what to wear with that?! 
I even managed to shop some items in my closet, as I do every single time:)
I found out that it is better to play with items that you already have, instead of buying new ones.
So I like wearing the skirt with my brown riding boots and with ankle boots, you can also play with different accessorise:
Wool Jacket: Freesoul
Skirt: H&M

Ankle boots: Neosens
Beaded ring: DIY project

From India


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  1. הבלוג מקסים ונותן רעיונות פרקטיים תודה לפי הגוף את כניראה יפיפיה תמשיכי לפתח עוד רעיונות אופנה


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