Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Street Vibe & Updates

Hello guys, Its been a long time since I was blogging and I've missed it sooooo much!!!

I have some new stuff going on with my life and I would love to update you, my loyal followers.

Now for some updates, I am so excited about having a new fashion spot on an amazing LifeStyle Magazine: Good is  and here is the link to my weekly spot- Here

Above all 8 month ago I was welcoming my second daughter and between nursing, cooking baby food and changing diapers I am trying to keep my act together and to dress comfortable, but yet fashionable (at least that's what I think).

Started taking Flamenco classes, which I absolutely love. I recommend for all the newly moms and moms for little kids to take 1 day a week for their hobby and if you don't have an hobby find one. It really helps me to stay calmer, energised and motivated.

Now I am back for blogging... and would love to read your comments, so please feel free to comment and to visit my Facebook Page Style of One 

Here are some new O.O.T.D post from my new fashion spot on an online Life style magazine:

Top & Jeans from Mango (old)
Cap: Nike
Sneakers: Aro Shoes
Bag: Accessorize


  1. hey Maya!!! yess!!! so good, that you are back to blogging. i missed your styles, and im sure you are a very good fashion blogger!!! i swear, missed you! lucky back ! please more of your stylings in glasses! contact me DM lucas.jivehype@gmail.com i have start a new blog about fashion bloggers in glasses! have a nice day and lots of dreams. xxx Lucas

    1. Hey dear Lucas, thank you very much for your words :) your blog is really fab and unique !!!


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