Monday, 26 January 2015

After a Long Time... Floral & Marsala

An outfit picture that I took at the end of my work day, so I look a bit tired :) Hope you'll like it, I loved the floral & Marsala combo.

Dear readers, unfortunately I was way too absent lately, this is so sad to me, because I really love and enjoy blogging.
I also love reading other blogs and commenting on your lovely posts.
After giving birth I was highly absent, I tried to combine and manage doing everything like before, but in the real world couldn't do it:) my absent and lack of blogging started while I was 6 month pregnant during 2013 I hated every single outfit cause I was too huge and every dress looked like a tent or was really uncomfortable. Pants were the worst! It was so annoying to feel the pants line on my waist and it felt like I was strangled my tummy:) I have gained 25 kg. It wasn't that bad, but a bit not healthy, especially that one time during the second trimester that I've gained 5 kg in 1 month! I ate lots of sugary dishes, and I had a thing for pizza... yummy!
The only 1 thing that was actually healthy and I also had the munchies for it was avocado. 

So since than it was very hard for me to keep up with blogging and for this New Year, I've decided to take it more seriously, cause that is the thing I enjoy doing the most!
Especially I enjoy reading your comments, I really do appreciate every single one:)

So for the last 2 month everyone in my family was winter sick:) 

Have this ever happened to you? Being overwhelmed with everything and still trying to keep holding on to things, cause you don't want to give up? How do you manage to keep writing and getting your post often?
I really need advices:)

Here is a new tea I found, I love this brand, their teas are unique and the packaging is so trendy.

and this pot is an amazing hot chocolate cake with marshmellows and cream! yummy:))


  1. Nice floral pants, dear. xx

  2. That tea sounds so good!! I love finding new teas! Love your pants!!
    Sincerely, Sara

  3. Ciao Maya!!

    Lovely look, great pants!!

    Thanks a lot to visit my fb page too and for your likes :)



  4. love the print pants ! :D


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