Thursday, 30 October 2014

Inside my Makeup Bag

Lately I've been shopping for a lot of makeup, no idea why, but I just had to have some new items:)
Well here are my 5 new items:

There is one item I'm in love with and that's the Clinique's primer, an item I will definitely repurchase.

I like the smooth filling and that it's really works :)

1 item I will pass next time will be the BB blush, which is something cool, but didn't work for me, as it feels very greasy on my skin, I will stick to my Pupa's baked blush, which I absolutely love.

The pink eyeliner: Make Up For Ever is something new for me, colour wise, I wanted something that I will never ever tried before, and there it was, in front of me at Sephora's Belgrade, Serbia. I use it a lot, to work, evening...

Clinique's concealer is great, but will keep on try other one's as well, will love to get some recommendations on a fab concealer that will blemish puffiness under my eyes!

Clinique's makeup "even better" is really awesome and I'm very pleased with the coverage and it's very light, not cakey at all.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Greetings to Bob

Finally I've made it! I cut my long hair into a bob style haircut.

I thought about cutting my hair for a long time and somehow always lost courage. If I think about it, it's pretty silly to be so attached to your hair:) also while cutting whole that hair I felt so good, like I just got free from my own rules:) 
So as I promised on my Style of One Facebook page, which you are welcome to join HERE you can see how I welcome bob:) and also my new pedicure.

Bag & wallet: Parfois 
Top: Choies
Sandals: Zara

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Belgrade Outfit

Finally here is the outfit post from my day in Belgrade. I wanted to post it much sooner, but always had something on:) well with no more excusses here it is in my new dress, well than it was new:)
and my white Zara sandals. In love with this stunning city!!! Next time will post about the fab food I ate on the way.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Body Shop Travel Kit

Hello guys, how are you spending your weakend?
I have lots of new things to show you on my blog. I bought few maybe lots of new items to my cosmetics drawer and a fab bag with a match purse from "Parfois".
aLSO i'VE  BEEn waiting to show you an outfit post from my day in the big city, Belgrade.

Now here is my new travel kit from The body Shop, which I ever used before, I've just heared about them oce, but ever tried their products.

So here is the kit:

So what do I think: LOVE it! only used it twice but I already fell in love with the whole kit. Will purchace again!
I bought the vitamin E kit for all skin tipes love the scent of the products, which is very delicate, the free brush I got with it is a bit tough o the skin, so I want use it on my face, but maybe to clean my nails:) or to scrub my feet!

Face cream are smooth, but maybe a bit to oily for my combination skin.

Also this company clame for not testing on animals which is a big plus! ad for fair trade wich I appreciate.

The cleansers are fab, not oily and giving your skin a smoother feeling.

So that is it for now:)

Have a fab Sunday!!!