Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Belly Photoshoot

I admit that I couldn't resist taking pictures of my pregnancy.
So I went with my hubby to a pro photographer and enjoyed every minute!
Day before I went online to get some tips on how to pose, what to wear, what to do with my hair and makeup and realized that I rather go on the natural look, light makeup and keeping my hair as it is.
Also that was the preferred look among the sites and forums.  I think it is the best, cause you just want to capture this precious moment of your life.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Vacation Time Bags

I Love to go for a summer vacation, it's the best time for me! last year I visited Palma- Spain which was wonderful with great food, sea and shopping:)
Do you go for a summer vacation?
What is your favorite summer resort?

So the obvious is going out for your summer resort with a trendy travel bag and here are some of my favorites:




Sunday, 2 June 2013

Declutter your Wardrobe: Inspiration and tips

It's already June!!! Summer is here and I am so happy to wear summery colours and clothes, that means that it is a great time to declutter your wardrobe by changing seasons, throwing and donating.
My wardrobe is really messy and I really need to start in a few steps:

  1. Start declutter by areas: that will ease your job, instead of arranging all of your closet in one time you could do it by separating sections , so it won't be too overwhelming.
  2. Sort by items: gather all your pants, skirts, dresses.... in piles, so you could see how many items of each you have and that will make your job easier.
  3. Sort by colours: It really works, at least for me, if you gather all your yellows, reds, greens etc. in order it would be much nicer and organized
  4. Finely the most important rule, especially if space is something you don't have: ask your self if you would wear it again and when was the last time you wore it, if it was over 2 years just throw it or donate, you probably won't wear it again.
Here are some lovely inspiration closets I found on the net: