Saturday, 28 December 2013

Giveaway & OOTD

Hello guys, hoping you're had a fab Christmas and a gorgeous weekend!
For this time I went with my hubby and daughter to a little walk and wore my new comfy boyfriend jeans from H&M with a blue Nautica sweater.
Also I wore a fab pair of Paper Piece earrings - Giveaway is still on!
You could leave details in this post as well.
Don't miss a chance to win a unique hand made jewelry from Emelie Paper Piece Etsy shop Here!
Remember you choose the item you'd like to win.

Also every participant will get a 20% off on the jewlries and 10% off on home decor in her Etsy shop! coupon code: StyleOfOne
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Good – Luck:)
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Contest closes January 4th 2014

Tartan top: Zara; Sweater: Nautica; Jeans: H&M; Scarf: Celio; Shoes: Tsubo

Jewelry of the day by Paper Piece:

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lady in Red is Dancing with

Hello guys! for today I wanted to show off :) my new stunning red dress from a new online shop I've discovered "Front Row Shop" I think you should really check it out! 

At the minute I laid my eyes on that dress I felt in love with it, but honestly it looks much better than I've expected. It reminded me some of the dresses I've seen on the run ways!
Loved the tartan collar and the shape of the bottom part, well it's my favorite item in my closet now.
If you felt in love with this dress you could shop it right here and in several colours.
I also would like to add that the measurements on their site matched exactly, so I got a good fit item as well as the colour of the product.  

So after showing off my new dress, here are some of my favorites items from their site:
Tartan trousers

Crop top

Tweed coat

Panel trousers
Glam dress
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Friday, 20 December 2013

Paper Piece International Giveaway & OOTD

I am so excited to announce on this special holidays international giveaway that involves my love to art and fashion! Hope you'll like it!!!
I was looking for some unique handmade jewelries, and found this irregular gorgeous Paper Piece designswhich are handmade eco-friendly jewelry created by Emelie Faitel from paper, sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.
It is so important to me that her jewelries made from silver, as I'm allergic to alloy, tin and these kind of materials.

In her shop you can find amazingly gorgeous earrings, necklaces, head barrettes and decorative pieces for your home. You should really check out her Christmastree decoration, there are amazing!
Emelie was very kind to me as she sent me these fab earrings and a butterfly head barrette, I was so surprised to find that it is very strong, and won't brake:) or thorn:) even if it's out of paper!
It's also awesome to know that you're wearing one of a kind! yep she only makes one of every design.

So what is the prize you ask, well it's one jewlery under 45$ for your choice from the whole collection from her Etsy shop- Here how great is that?!

Also every participant will get a 20% off on the jewlries and 10% off on home decor in her Etsy shop! coupon code: StyleOfOne
Remember only participants could get discounts:) 

So how do you win this amazing prize?
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  3. Choose 1 jewelry under 45$ & love an item Here
  4. Write a comment with the link of your selection, e-mail and name.

Good – Luck:)
Winner will be chosen via

Contest closes January 4th 2014

Some of my favorites from her site:

Flower earrings 
Flower on my head:)
Christmas Lion

Crop sweater: American Eagle
Jeans: H&M
Denim top: Pull&Bear
Coat: Time-Out

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Meals, December & Nostalgia

Love December, lots of days to celebrate but it also one of the busiest month ever:) so like a lot of people I'm extremely busy with gifts, meals and entertaining but I also love this as I'm getting gifts:) for moi and for my little one.
It hard to make it all and to eat properly as I try to combine it all:) so here's couple of the most tastiest meals. I also ate chestnuts, which I absolutely love!!! it's my all time favorite, as my father used to make them for me when I was a child. We lived back than in Ralja, a beautiful village in Serbia and we had apple, pear etc trees and also a chestnut tree in our yard and in the winter my father roasted chestnuts for me:) so it kinds of nostalgic for me:)
Do you have some nostalgic food?

oh and there were lots of rose hip bushes and my grandmother used to make a killer jam out of the fruits, when I come to visit I immediately goes to buy one and eat it with blinches or on white fresh baked bread.
Do you familiar with this jam? do you love it?

Fish with peppers and parsley, home made vinegar carrots served on whole rice  

Confit chicken with artishok, purple potatoes and baked potatoes with chestnut sauce  

Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Facial Routine

Hi guys:) hope you're had a great week and that you're enjoying your weekend I know I do:) Today I had an awesome date with my hubby, we went to our favorite Swiss style restaurant. We ate an onion soup with a pastry crust and cheese, so delicious!!! for dessert we ate a yummy plum tart with marshmallow mmmm yumm!
For today post I wanted to show you my facial routine for every day. My skin is a combination sensitive type. So here are my products which I believe are helpful and delicate.

Avene is new in my cosmetics but now will be regular guest:)
I like the Avene cleanser and day lotion so much, they have a great delicate smell, the cleanser doesn't dry your skin and lotion is very light and isn't greasy at all!

Vichy is one of my favorite brands as I always satisfy with their products, cause they really do the work.

Nivea is also a nice brand with great price range, eye cream is something new in my cosmetics also, but now as a new mom I feel I have to put something on my dark circles and just hoping it would blemish them a little bit, if not it will hydrate under the eye zone:)

What is your favorite face products and routine?

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Inspiration

Here I'm sitting in my salon with a hot mug of coffee and watching the rain outside thinking about Christmas which is later on this month for some and on the 7th January for the others:) and here are some pictures that makes me feel very jolly:) and inspired!

Please don't forget to enter my glasses giveaway HERE (not just sunnies) especially for the holidays and just for feeling festive in general:) also there will be another giveaway after this one, I tell you I'm really feeling festive!

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Thank you my lovelies and have an awesome week!